8 Benefits of a Personal Cloud
8 Benefits of a Personal Cloud

8 Benefits of a Personal Cloud

A personal cloud is a place where you can stall your data like you can at the more known places like Dropbox, iCloud and Google cloud. Nevertheless, having a personal cloud brings some big benefits along. In this article, 8 of the biggest benefits of having a personal cloud will be discussed.

  1. Privacy

    Privacy is considered as the biggest benefit of having a personal cloud because people nowadays find it very important to have privacy in the current digital era. When people constantly hear about huge data breaches inside several big cloud servers, they start looking for alternatives.
    Besides that, if you store your data at one of those big cloud servers, you never know which employee of the specific company is managing your data. While if you have your own personal cloud, you are the only person who is in charge to manage your data.

  2. NAS

    A personal cloud is also known as a network attached storage (NAS). Owned by the user, NAS is functionating as a central and secured location where all data can easily
    be accessed.

  3. Security

    With a personal cloud, the chances of getting hacked are way less since you are the only one who can access your personal cloud. So the only possibility to get hacked is to give your password away. While if big cloud storage like iCloud or Dropbox gets hacked, it is likely that millions of people get hacked at the same time.

  4. Time Saving

    Public clouds tend to put restrictions on upload bandwidth which is increasing the upload time. With a personal cloud, there are no restrictions like that which leads to a shorter upload time. So a personal cloud will save you time if you need to upload data to your cloud.

  5. Flexible

    When you prefer to have a flexible cloud storage, a personal cloud might be your solution. Many different types of personal clouds have various options of expanding with not only drives, but with many more devices too. The Vault V10 is a personal cloud storage which has many different inputs. The Vault V10 contains the following types of input:

    • 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C
    • 1 Micro SD and 1 Lightning SD

    With all these different types of input you can connect The Vault V10 to almost any device you want.

  6. Sometimes More Than a Personal Cloud

    Some of the personal cloud devices offer more functions than just a personal cloud. For example, The Vault V10 can also operate in a form of a power bank which conducts 10.000 mAh. Apart from that, it also has 160 mbps WiFi and a WiFi cloud storage.

  7. Additional Apps

    Many different personal cloud systems offer additional apps which give you the access to your own personal cloud. Within the app you can easily see all your documents, photos and videos which you stored in the cloud anytime you want.

  8. Costs

    The costs of a personal cloud are not as unpredictable as the costs of an online cloud. With an online cloud you have to pay on an annual basis. However if you purchase your personal cloud, you only have to buy your device and you are done.

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