The key features of The Vault V10
The key features of The Vault V10

The key features of The Vault V10

One of the newest inventions on the personal cloud and power bank market is The Vault V10. This device is about to be launched on Indiegogo, and experts are already very excited about it. The company behind this new high-end device is Marc Devices, it’s a Finnish tech company and they are pushing the limits of technology and design. The Vault is a personal cloud and a power bank in one. But this new device has a lot more to offer than just charging your phone and storing your data. In this article, we will describe the key features of The Vault V10.

  • Power bank

The Vault is a power bank with a 10.000-mAh Li-ion battery so you can charge your phone or any mobile device with The Vault. The device has a battery life of 15 hours. This power bank charges in 1,5 hours through a quick charge 3.0 port (USB Type-C). With the 5 different ports, you can connect any device with a cable to The Vault to charge.

  • Personal cloud

This device is also a personal cloud so you can store all your pictures, data and documents on it. This personal cloud is a collection of your digital content, which is accessible from any device. It gives you the ability to store, stream, synchronize and share data. The Vault has a memory up to 1TB and a U3 memory chip.

  • Micro SD Card reader

With the Micro SD Card reader, you can easily put your memory card in the device. In this way, you can store your important photos, videos or content to The Vault. It is also possible to share your data with others through the fast WiFi connection. With the card reader, it is easy to expand your personal cloud storage size.

  • WiFi with Cloud storage

You can connect your WiFi-enabled devices to The Vault. The WiFi allows you to store your data to the personal cloud cable-free. In this way, you don’t need to take your portable devices with you because The Vault keeps all your data.

  • WiFi and USB wireless Hub

With The Vault, you can use any USB cable to connect with the device. You can also connect multiple devices to the WiFi of The Vault because it is also a wireless Hub.

  • App control

The Vault comes with an app that is called ‘Vault Drive’.

In this way, you can easily control, share and upload your data. You can download the app on your phone or any other mobile device to have all the controls in one single app. The app will be secured with your personal password to protect your data and content.

  • Connect any device

The Vault has two USB-A ports and a USB type C port. The device also supports micro USB and it has a Lightning port as well.

In & out:

Micro-USB 5V/3A QC 3.0

1X USB type-C 3.0 5V/3A QC 3.0 OTG


DC 5V/3A QC 3.0 USB Type-C + Micro USB | 5V/2A Lightning


DC 5V/3A QC 3.0 USB Type-C + Micro USB | 5V/2A Lightning + 2x USB-A 3.0 5V/2A

  • Compatible devices & systems

The Vault is compatible with different devices and systems. In this way, there will always be a manner to transfer your content and data to The Vault.

Devices: Type-C OTG U-Disk2.5 | Hard drives | USB sticks

Systems: Android 4.0 (or higher) | iOS 6.0 (or higher) | Windows 8 (or higher)

The Vault V10 is a power bank and personal cloud in one. It contains a 10.000-mAh battery with 15 hours of battery life and up to 1 TB memory. Through quick charge, the Vault will be fully charged within 1,5 hours. The Vault has a micro SD card reader to transfer all your photos and data. Also, WiFi is supported and the device has WiFi Cloud storage. To control The Vault from your mobile device you can use the ‘Vault Drive’ app, and you can connect any device to The Vault. It has 2 USB-A ports and one USB type C port. It is also possible to connect to The Vault with a micro USB and a Lightning cable. The device has a wireless USB and WiFi hub, which means you can connect multiple devices to The Vault. The compatible devices are USB sticks, 2.5 hard drives, and type-C U-Disks. The Vault supports Android 4.0, iOS 6.0 and Windows 8. When it was up to us, we would definitely buy The Vault V10!

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